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The Essential Ingredient Golden Vadouvan Jar

The Essential Ingredient Golden Vadouvan 1kg

SKU: F8197

Inspired by the masalas of Southern India, with added depth from roasted onions, garlic and toasted spices, this aromatic spice mix will add colour and rich, savoury flavour to anything it touches. Use to finish rice dishes like biryani and kedgeree, as a barbecue rub, or sprinkle over fish, eggs, soups, lentils and raitas. Also available in 150g canisters.

The Essential Ingredient Cornichons in Vinegar Jar

The Essential Ingredient Cornichons in Vinegar 4.1kg Tin

SKU: F3897

These cornichons, produced in France from the fresh Calypso variety, are preserved in a soft vinegar solution with tarragon and mustard seed that is neither overly sweet nor aggressively acidic. An ideal accompaniment to cold meats and terrines, and an essential addition to tartare. Also available in 350g and 660g jars.

The Essential Ingredient Truffle Salt Jar

The Essential Ingredient Truffle Salt 500g

SKU: F2453

This blend of ground Italian black truffle and sea salt is a ‘secret weapon’ in the kitchen, imparting incredible flavour wherever used. Perfect with scrambled eggs, roast potatoes, chicken, vegetables and much more. Also available in 100g canister.

Yuzu Oil Mount Zero Bottle

Yuzu Oil Mount Zero 250ml

SKU: F6000

This limited-release olive oil is the result of an exciting collaboration with Mountain Yuzu, speciality citrus growers based in North-East Victoria. Whole Yuzu fruit and olives are cold-pressed together resulting in an incredibly aromatic and unique flavoured oil. Particularly delicious paired with raw fish or ceviche, use to dress Japanese-style salads or as a fabulous twist in an olive oil cake recipe!

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The Essential Ingredient Seaweed Collection

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