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Prestige Maple Caramel

SKU: 01F7639

Prestige, located in Quebec, only use seasonally harvested, Grade A, 100% pure Canadian maple syrup to make their products. This is a delectably sweet and smooth caramel sauce that has an ever-so-slight smokey characteristic.

At The Essential Ingredient Wholesale Victoria, we are partnering with the best local and overseas food producers to supply a comprehensive range of wholesale quality food to hospitality businesses in Victoria.

Terra Del Tuono Craft Beer Vinegar

SKU: 01F7663 / 01F7664 / 01F7662

This unique range of vinegars has been made using unfiltered and unpasteurized craft beer brewed by Giusto Spirito brewery in Reggio Emilia. Free from any additives, these vinegars retain their natural flavour and aroma after acetification.

Available for the first time in Australia, exclusive to The Essential Ingredient. The Essential Ingredient range of wholesale products is available online.

The Essential Ingredient Garum

The Essential Ingredient Garum

SKU: F7382

Made since Roman times, this deeply savoury fish extract adds concentrated umami flavours to pasta, salads and vegetables, meat and seafood.

At The Essential Ingredient Wholesale Victoria we proudly supply quality foods to restaurants, cafes, hotels and other great venues in Victoria and Tasmania.

Olsson’s Rare Dry Gin Salt

Olsson’s Rare Dry Gin Salt

SKU: F7637

Olsson’s, Australia’s oldest family owned sea salt maker, and Four Pillars Gin have collaborated to make this very special product. Four Pillars have dehydrated their Spent Rare Dry Gin botanicals and blended them with Olsson’s “sel gris” Marine Mineral Grey Salt to create a stunning & unique seasoning.

You can order this product in The Essential Ingredient Wholesale Catalogue.


  • Seasoning food perfectly is one of the greatest skills both a chef and home cook can possess. A lack of salt equals a lack of flavour, while too much salt can easily ruin an otherwise perfectly-cooked

  • Along with flour and salt, sugar is one of those fundamental pantry staples that’s never too far from reach. Our first memories of cooking include measuring out a cup or two of sugar for a batch of bi

  • Yotam Ottolenghi is renowned for his ability to pack the maximum amount of flavour into every dish he creates. Appropriate, then, that his latest book is named just that. ‘Flavour’, takes the philosop

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