Winter Essentials

2021 Season First Pressing Extra Virgin Olive Oil – The Essential Ingredient

SKU: 01F7763

The very first pressing of our 2021 harvest extra virgin olive oil. This Australian, limited production oil is unfiltered and has a vibrant colour that is typical of early-picked olives. The peppery, grassy flavour is bright, pungent and unique to this season.

It can be used as a finishing oil or as the main ingredient in a dressing or sauce.

Duck Fat – The Essential Ingredient

SKU: TEI-F2256

Imported from France, this quality duck fat is essential in confit and terrine making.

Duck fat is also great for sauteing vegetables and, of course, sensational for roasting potatoes.

Organic Black Tahini – The Essential Ingredient

SKU: 01F7730

Made from roasted whole sesame seeds this thick black paste is nutty and earthy.

Perfect for dressing noodles, salads, roasted vegetables and in sweet dumplings, brownies and cookies.


Drinking Chocolate – The Essential Ingredient

SKU: TEI-F7303

Combining the finest premium ingredients, our locally made drinking chocolate is rich, sweet, and carries subtle notes of maple and vanilla.

A luxurious blend of ethically sourced 45% West African chocolate and Australian cane sugar, the Essential Ingredient drinking chocolate is free of additives, dairy, gluten, or artificial fillers.



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