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The Essential Ingredient Blood Orange Agrumato 

SKU: F7414 500ml
SKU: F7415 2L tin (NEW)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with crushed blood orange.

Whole blood oranges crushed with single estate olives yield this zesty, intense oil.  Delicious on soft cheese, chargrilled seafood, salads and vegetables.

The Essential Ingredient Cornichons in Vinegar 

SKU: F3895 330g
SKU: F3896 660g
SKU: F3897 4.1 kg tin

These cornichons, produced in France from the fresh Calypso variety, are preserved in a soft vinegar solution with tarragon and mustard seed that is neither overly sweet nor aggressively acidic. An ideal accompaniment to cold meats and terrines, and an essential addition to tartare. Also available in 350g and 660g jars.

Valette Foie Gras Lobe

SKU: F9963 320g

This size is perfect for food service. Chefs can portion and freeze individually, ready for pan frying or to use in the making of pates, mousses and terrines.

The Essential Ingredient Trompette des Maure 

SKU: F4435 20g
SKU: F1892 50g
SKU: F1893 250g

Also known as ‘black chanterelle’, ‘horn of plenty’ and the sinister ‘trompette de la mort’, this woodland mushroom is horn-like in shape. It is richly flavoured, with a hint of nuttiness, and is perfect with creamy sauces. 

Essential Tips & Tricks

A guide to dried mushrooms

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The Essential Ingredient Seaweed Collection

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Barbecue without borders

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Essential guide to miso

There are few ingredients as versatile, impactful and easy to use as miso. Most commonly utilised in paste form (though freeze-dried crystals can be used to make soup or broths), miso is produced by fermenting soy [...]

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Guide to dried chillies and chilli flakes

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Essential Guide to Sugar

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Flavour-packed ingredients

Yotam Ottolenghi is renowned for his ability to pack the maximum amount of flavour into every dish he creates. Appropriate, then, that his latest book is named just that. ‘Flavour’, takes the philosophies espoused in [...]

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